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Pelle P's collections are technical clothing designed to defeat tough challenges at sea, in the mountains and in the city. The collections are inspired by Pelle Petterson's lifestyle and achievements as an athlete. Pelle P's collections contains everything from technical sea-and ski wear to pieces that can be used at the golf course or in the city. Inspiration and professional skills are what we call True Experience. It is about experiences, a dedicated lifestyle and ambition.

The story of

CeciliaPetterson, daughter of Pelle Petterson, is the founder and designer behind the clothing company Pelle P. The brand is based on Pelle´s lifestyle and his accomplishments as a toplevel sportsman. Cecilia grew up around sailboat racing and on the ski slopes with her dad. She studied at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, USA.

Pelle P understands that in order to make a difference in environmental impact everyone must take responsibility. Therefore, it is important to continue to innovate to make as small of an environmental impact as possible. The production of clothing (and most other physical products) will undoubtedly affect the environment, however, it is possible to influence how big the impressions will be.




Pelle P should be visible, but make minimal environmental impact.

From the beginning of Pelle P the environment has always been a concern for the company, and caring for it is an important philosophy for our brand. Pelle Petterson himself knows the importance of caring for nature and the environment, having lived almost all his life participating in sports such as sailing, downhill skiing and golf. It is from this mindset Pelle P originated.

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