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Ori Tao’s jewelry is handmade and assembled in our workshops. We use the galvanoplasty procedure to plate the metal surfaces. Thanks to electrolysis the brass or tin parts specifically developed for our jewelry are coated with a layer of gold and silver. For silver we use a 925 silver layer of 5 to 10 microns depending on the items. For fine gold gilding we apply an 18K gold layer of 0.3 microns and of 0.5 microns for bracelets and rings. All our jewelry is guaranteed nickel-free and lead-free according to the current European standards

the story of ori tao

Brother and sister, they both evolve in a separate creative universe. The desire to express something else and to share their passion led them to create Ori Tao in 2015.

Their MOJO, a cult phrase by Leonardo da Vinci: «Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication». They combine their raw and refined sensibilities to achieve urban and passionate collections. Their favorite material, metal in all its forms: hammered, engraved, chiseled ...

Ori Tao, emphasize your style

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