Buffelhoorn heeft niet alleen een chique en stoere uitstraling, maar ook de fantastische eigenschap, dat het heel licht in gewicht is. Met andere woorden: fantastisch om te dragen! Het klinkt bijna te mooi voor woorden, maar het buffelhoorn neemt de natuurlijke kleuren aan die u draagt.



AM staat bekend als een ‘totaal-collectie’ van kettingen, oorbellen van klein tot statement, armbanden en (verstelbare) ringen. Alles om de stijlvolle en modebewuste vrouw van vandaag te kunnen “versieren”!



De kwalitatieve, design horloges bevatten aerodynamische en licht gebogen elementen, hebben een 10 ATM bestendige en dus stevige roestvrijstalen kast met Japanse Miyota Citizen bewegingselementen. De stevige armbanden zijn van echt leer, staal of
niet-allergisch silicone gemaakt, met de beroemde dubbele cirkel aan de binnenkant van de band. Er is voor iedere outfit en gemoedstoestand wel een horloge.


Easy Walk Experience

Lolitas, a perfect footwear for an active life!

"This is a great product, good for everyone! It goes with any outfit, more casual or more sportive, for work or for leisure … very light, it fits very well in a woman purse or in a luggage to travel with. Extremely feminine, are much more comfortable than a standard ballerina and can replace the most sporty tennis shoes … they are available in different colors and can complete various outfits or simply to be used in the colors you like! EASY WALK EXPERIENCE it's an attitude to life. It means taking advantage of every moment to the maximum, feel free and never give up anything. lolitas are the best ally for an active life.

of ord

The South African sun taught us how important it is to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays while enjoying your time outdoors.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we aim to share our expertise by bringing you a variety of sun hat collections designed to suit your lifestyle, under private labels House of Ord – Cape Town 

No matter what outdoor adventure you’re on, you can take premium sun protection with you wherever you go. Using high-quality materials and sustainable production methods as well as functional features, our stylish sun hats are designed to last.



Imagined by Manuelle, a sparkling designer, and hand made by a team of talented craftsmen, the Franck Herval jewelry are the results of the perfect balance between two universes: fashion and craftmanship. Manuelle is always looking for a multi-faceted style combining harmony, materials and influences.

«I have been immersed in the world of costume jewelry since I was a little girl... I was about 4 years old when my parents created the brand Nature Bijoux. As a teenager, I helped them on the trade shows and I loved fixing things up in the workshops. I then naturally took the artistic direction of Franck Herval in 2009 ».

Franck Herval, to enlight your day!