Buffelhoorn heeft niet alleen een chique en stoere uitstraling, maar ook de fantastische eigenschap, dat het heel licht in gewicht is. Met andere woorden: fantastisch om te dragen! Het klinkt bijna te mooi voor woorden, maar het buffelhoorn neemt de natuurlijke kleuren aan die u draagt.



AM staat bekend als een ‘totaal-collectie’ van kettingen, oorbellen van klein tot statement, armbanden en (verstelbare) ringen. Alles om de stijlvolle en modebewuste vrouw van vandaag te kunnen “versieren”!

symons & panchenko

De horloges van Symons & Panchenko zijn zo veel meer dan alleen een uurwerk. Ze zijn tijdloos, stoer, sportief, chique, kleurrijk, stijlvol; kortom een echt fashion statement met karakter. Eigenlijk gewoon dé musthave voor om je pols.

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We are experts in fantasy jewellery, with unique craftsmanship acquired through more than 30 years of experience in the design and creation of jewellery from natural materials. Our jewellery is specially designed for “explorers”; intrepid women who like to stray off the beaten path in search something different, something new that expresses their innate creativity; women who feel the urge and the need to make their consumption wiser and to give more personality to their style.
Our brand naturally maintains an intimate and spontaneous relationship with Nature. Everything comes from the Nature that surrounds us; from the name of our company to the materials we use; from the creativity of our collections to our intrinsic values… Nature is the beating heart of our brand.

of ord

The South African sun taught us how important it is to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays while enjoying your time outdoors.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we aim to share our expertise by bringing you a variety of sun hat collections designed to suit your lifestyle, under private labels House of Ord – Cape Town 

No matter what outdoor adventure you’re on, you can take premium sun protection with you wherever you go. Using high-quality materials and sustainable production methods as well as functional features, our stylish sun hats are designed to last.

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Franck Herval’s jewelry is carefully handmade and assembled in our workshops. We use the galvanoplasty procedure to plate the metal surfaces. Thanks to electrolysis the brass or tin parts specifically developed for our jewelry are coated with a layer of gold and silver.

For silver we use a 925 silver layer of 5 to 10 microns depending on the items.

For fine gold gilding we apply an 18K gold layer of 0.3 microns and of 0.5 microns for bracelets and rings. All our jewelry is guaranteed nickel-free and lead-free according to the current European standards.