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nature bijoux

The materials

Nature poses as a muse. Source of inspiration, it’s also the source of raw materials for Nature Bijoux’s creations. We offer uncommon stories, bold and original, in complete harmony with nature. And that’s the secret of Nature Bijoux, it’s what breathes life into all our jewellery: the sheer diversity and eloquence of natural materials.

There are more than 1200 mineral substances to be discovered in our collections. Termite mounds, grains, bones, semi-precious stones, leather, bark, flowers, nacre, wood, shells, moss, fish skin, feathers, eggshells, horn, bamboo… to list but a few.

A world of creation

Nature Bijoux is constantly reinventing itself, creating stories that are ever more surprising in terms of origin, transformation and design. To wear jewels of nature is to wear the story behind them, a story told just for you. Nature Bijoux brings out two collections every year. Each is comprised of about twenty stories, which is to say roughly 450 entirely new pieces per collection, all of them crafted by hand.
This expertise is our greatest strength, and we make a point of transmitting our skills and knowledge to all those who work with us; and they, in turn, take great pride in perpetuating the unique craftsmanship of our brand.
We work with one of the best Parisian styling agencies in order to make sure we stay completely up-to-date with the latest fashions.

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